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Sprej Fresh Fingers is not a chemical drug, so there is no counter to convictions. During our tests 17254 was administered to patients in our centre and no even one allergic reaction to its components was observed. Sparrow is not harmful to health and at the same time increases the body's resistance to various types of mycosis. It is also worth mentioning that it can be safely used by children.

Therefore, the appearance of this preparation is very good news. Mycosis of feet and nails is not only an aesthetic problem, it is a serious disease that can lead to fatal consequences. It should be treated as soon as possible before it is too late.

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Let us list the most important symptoms of it

The process starts most often in the skin layers between fingers. It is laughing, baking and itching.

According to our statistics, about 20% of Polish citizens suffer from mycosis. Parts of patients, in the early stage of the disease is relatively easy to help. If it is untreated, it will develop and take much longer. The problem is also that not all patients go to a doctor. Many people think that the mycosis will heal themselves. Unfortunately, there is not the slightest chance of this. The untreated mycelium will not only not disappear, but will also expand to other fingers and finally the whole leg.

Klotrimazole: inhibition of fungi. It soothes itching. It has a destructive effect on cells already infected with fungus and blocks the development of new outbreaks.

Honey of bees: it closes sweat glands and inhibits the growth of bacteria, which make sweat, even if released by healthy people, unpleasant smell. It has an antiseptic and softening effect, giving the skin a light floral fragrance for a long time.

Vitamins: softens the skin and eliminates exfoliation.

Limonen: creates a comfortable feeling of cooling and gives the foot a pleasant smell.

For patients I recommend Fresh Fingers, which provides effective treatment of mycosis regardless of the stage of disease development. Fresh Fingers exhibits unique properties that allow it to penetrate even through rough layers of the skin, quickly dissolves its old layers. Sprescent can be used in case of aggressive development of mycosis as well as for prophylactic purposes, there are no contraindications to its use and it does not cause side effects.

Fresh Fingers

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