Cosmetics is taking giant steps in the search for effective and lasting solutions to renew skin and rejuvenate the face. Gold ions are one of the latest discoveries: Energy Beauty Bar exploits gold ions and microcurrent technology to smooth wrinkles and remove dark circles and other signs of fatigue from the face.

Gold ions are a real source of benefits for the skin. The women of Ancient Egypt, who used them as a key ingredient in their beauty products, already knew this. Thanks to their high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistance, they encourage cell renewal and rejuvenate the skin.

The masseur generates microvibrations that cross the skin's dermis layer, improving microcirculation and eliminating toxins. Already after a few days the wrinkles are smoothed out, the oval face redefined and signs of fatigue softened. An effective and complete treatment lasts 1-2 months.

Regularly using Energy Beauty Bars will have the following benefits:

This device increases collagen and elastin production, smoothing wrinkles and eliminating signs of fatigue, such as bags and dark circles.

Using Energy Beauty Bar is very simple:

A massage of 3-10 minutes a day will give you a new skin, free of wrinkles and imperfections.


The opinions on this massager are very positive. It is used by both men and women. Some people don't just treat the facial area: Energy Beauty Bar can be used to rejuvenate any part of the body. Unlike anti-wrinkle creams, this device is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and does not generate allergies.

In his review, Giovanna, 43, writes:

The first wrinkles began to be evident at 36 years of age, and to combat them I took a wrinkle cream, or rather several different anti-wrinkle creams, hoping to find one that would have an effect. The skin seemed more moisturized, but wrinkles remained there where they were, especially around the eyes and mouth. Believe me if I tell you that this magic pen (I call it so) does miracles: my skin is back that of 15 years ago, nobody gives me my years. And finally I am serene when I look at the mirror

Giorgio also wanted to leave his opinion on the product:

I'm not vain but the wrinkles that had come to me were really ugly, all sides of the nose, the skin of the cheeks had become flaccid, also because of a strong slimming. I spent Energy Beauty Bar on my face every day for 2 months, and it was a progressive improvement: every day my wrinkles were getting a little bit lessened. Now they have disappeared, incredible, I didn't think it could have such an effect.

To get Energy Beauty Bar you don't have to go to a perfumery or pharmacy, this product is not sold at retail. In order to keep prices low and to be able to offer its customers special promotions, the manufacturer has chosen to sell its products only through its website. The anti-wrinkle masseur can be ordered by simply ordering:

If you order now you can enjoy the 50% discount: you will pay your anti-wrinkle masseur only €49 instead of €98


COLLAMASK is a unique mask that deals with the basic problems of skin t. Formula head COLLAMASK allows the use on all types of skin that intensively cares for and moisturizes all layers of the skin, to restore the structure of the skin

The company talks about how the algae (from which takes the value "CollaMask face mask application" in the product name), the detoxification of the skin, but I am not a fan. In fact, this can not do so. Does not contain any ingredients that can be used on the skin able to remove toxins, just as our skin does not have any toxins that circulate inside, expecting to exfoliate its peeling. In addition, from a physiological point of view, a real detoxification in the body takes place in the liver and kidneys, but not from leather. 50% discount!

And if for "toxin" companies like Perricone is about to remove dead skin cells, dust and dirt, well, it is really poisonous and can be easily removed with soap and mushrooms.

When we talk about the price, actually no words that are able to describe how the surcharge is sold this mask! The ingredients obtained really get in order for the price too high, and much more dyes than multiple components added to make the real of Perricone. Moreover, the best components in this mask, in which the ingredients based on algae, do not remain strong once discovered this product because it is packed in the can. More information to find out why this type of packaging is problematic.

iam very happy that I am talking about a completely new product against wrinkles that only recently arrived in Italy, but also in the rest of Europe, won the cosmetics market. We have already mentioned on this website facial creams and anti-wrinkle creams effectively, but also benefits with fillers and many other cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate face and prove that 10 years less. The product we are talking about today, but it is really different from all the others. This mask anti-wrinkle collamask face mask application that, of course, you have already heard in recent weeks, the best web sites and internet forums.

But what is the reason so successful? In any case, an amazing performance Collamask face mask application of antiage treatment, which really does what it promises. After 30 years the skin of the person begins to show the first signs of destruction, and so that you do not look more smooth and elastic, as in the past. If you read this article, will surely be a success, even in you, or maybe you want to change something. It is normal not to recognize, look in the mirror, not to give up and look for a solution that best suits your skin needs. In this case, the solution will be presented Collamask. Much more than antiage cream or a simple mask for the face, a real beauty that is not to be found in the stores, but that will be in the best SPA and wellness all over the world.

Index of arguments:

If you're still looking for anti-wrinkle cream or face mask, efficient, it's likely that you will be many tested, but that no one will ever be happy, actually. At this point, you may think that the only thing you need to do is to go for strenuous and expensive cosmetic treatments, such as those involving hyaluronic acid, microdermabrasion, pulsed light, chemical peels, botox, botox injections, lasers and others. On the other hand, the stars all over the world are receiving daily different and strange cosmetic treatments, including the injection of plasma (PRP) anti-aging. What may not be possible, apart from the economic aspect, has side effects, such a practical and aesthetic. 50% discount! 

Redness, swelling, allergic reactions, scars, acne, bruising, rash, infection or even facial paralysis are just some of the most common consequences. Why risk taking the same effects and processing of antiage products with a beauty mask? Collamask where to buy in Germany currently is the best collagen mask in use approved by scientists and beauticians around the world. The product is suitable for every skin type, for several weeks, thereby reducing facial contours, smoothes wrinkles and deep furrows, smoothing pockets, dark circles and crow's feet, from the brightness in the epidermis, freeing the pores of toxins and waste products from the body and promoting the rejuvenation of your mobile phone. If you are wondering whether there is a sale of creams that really work or other products, proven effectiveness, the answer is "yes", Collamask where to buy in Germany works, and already after the first application